Jasmin Egner


'Jasmin is a very intelligent soul,

bringing insight and depth into characterisations, alongside a consistent enthusiasm to projects. She is a brave actor, and a good listener.

She is completely professional and I thoroughly recommend her.'

Gillian Morrison, Filmmaker

'Jasmin brings understanding and intelligence to her work,

with dedication and a fine sense of humour that means she is fun as well

as sensitive to her roles.

Her natural manner particularly draws you in to her characters.'

Danielle Farrow, Actress and Acting Coach

'Jasmin is an exceptional actress.

She fit in easily with the crew and other cast, bringing a great atmosphere

to the production. Highly recommended.'

Tace Ellen Dorris, Director

"I saw Jasmin's headshot and instantly thought she had a great look for

The Hostess; elegant, beautiful yet stern and tough.

In real life Jasmin couldn't be any more different a character, but as soon as the camera starts rolling the transformation into The Hostess, someone strong enough to hold her own as the head of a Brothel in one of the underbelly's toughest areas [...]

I admired Jasmin's dedication and work ethic, together writing an extensive back story for a very complex woman."

Tim Courtney, Director

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